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FAQ: How to share data using GIE's template?

Check out some of the questions from our past partners:


Should I make a profile for each grant/award or for the social enterprise/company that received the award?

 Innovation profiles are matched by the social entrepreneur or company-level rather than on a ‘project’ or ‘product’ level. 


What if I've funded the same social enterprise/company multiple times?

If the same innovation received funding multiple times, the innovation will have 2 separate badges of validation on their page on GIE which is doubly powerful for them.

What if we didn't provide any funding to the innovator but supported them another way (technical assistance, etc.)?

Totally fine! We can accomodate this as a "Recognition". These will show up as "Conncted Innovations" on your Program and Organization pages with the recognition icon (below). For example ,Litworld was "Recognized" by DFAT and OpenIDEO's Education in Emergencies Alliance Program 

Recognition icon


What if the innovators I work with are not independent social enterprises/companies but are part of another organization like a university?

In the template there is the option to include details if an innovation is part of or incubated within a university or another NGO. Here is an example of how it will look on the GIE's innovation profile page, which is a part of Johns Hopkins University


What if we supported joint-initiatives or partnerships?

Since GIE tracks how the funding was awarded, please share the social enterprise/innovation that received the financial investment. To make sure all partners also get showcased we will add an implementation partner milestone to show the collaboration for example how this innovator (MOPA) shows an implementation partnership with Vodacom. 


If you have any other questions or concerns about the templates or just about GIE's data please email our Helpdesk at admin@globalinnovationexchange.org